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Optimal Radiance Set

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Optimal radiance set including:- Day cream – radiance & firming - 50ml- Night cream – radiance & firming - 50ml- Face serum – radiance & firming - 30ml- Eye contour day cream – radiance & firmingA set for those who want to act on all the issues of a dull complexion, a skin appearing tired, lacking tonicity, silkiness and luster, including around the delicate eye contours. This optimal radiance treatment combines four complementary products designed to work with each other in layers (texture, molecular structure etc.) to rediscover a skin glowing with beauty, and refreshed and luminous complexion.Proven effectiveness, visible results:• 81% luminous complexion*• 85% even complexion**• 65% firmer skin**• 77% smoothed eye contours*Tested under dermatological and ophthalmological control - In-use test - 21 subjects - Daily application - Duration: 28 daysTested under dermatological and ophthalmological control - In-use test - 20 subjects - Daily application - Duration: 21 days

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